Hello Kitty Jet- EVA AIR

Back in April of 2012, Travelmista was on a two week business trip to Asia, at the last minute he had to extend his trip to Tokyo to Taipei and then return back to Tokyo. He was booked on EVA AIR which he knew nothing about other than it was part of the Star Alliance which would add to his United award level. On the way to Taipei it was a normal regular flight but on the way back to Tokyo he was booked on the Hello Kitty Jet. Yes, you read that right, I said Hello Kitty!


Now, I remember buying little trinkets of Hello Kitty when I was a child but I had no idea that it was still this popular for Hello Kitty to have her own airplane! She even has her own Hello Kitty Jet Website that you can check out here. Please remember to turn off the music it is so annoying after it repeats 20 times while browsing the website. You can also investigate the Hello Kitty Jet experience online to see all the details, some are featured below.


Travelmista made sure to document the whole trip so we could share it with you. Everything was themed with Hello Kitty. Here is a sample of the experience on EVA AIR Hello Kitty Jet. Maybe one day I will even get to enjoy the Hello Kitty Jet…Maybe on the Star MegaDo in Nov? Maybe?

The check-in line entry sign.

Check-in line

The Hello Kitty Jet (Fake) Passport instructions

The Hello Kitty Payphone

Another Hello Kitty Sign at the Gate.

More Hello Kitty Payphones and World Clock.

Another Hello Kitty Sign.

The Hello Kitty Jet (Fake) Passport cover.

Inside the Hello Kitty Jet (Fake) Passport.

The outside paint scene on the Hello Kitty Jet. Well…. Hello Kitty!

The Hello Kitty Jet (fake) Passport stamping station. Please note that they had to tell people not to stamp there real passports. I guess Hello Kitty is not a country? Who Knew!

On the Hello Kitty Jet with personal Hello Kitty Pillow and head rest. They thought of everything!

Hello Kitty Jet safety card. In case the Kitty is going down!

Hello Kitty Air Sickness bag. OK now they really did think of everything!

Hello Kitty breakfast? Really?

Notice the Hello Kitty Silverware, the edible bow in the eggs and the placemat.

There is even a Hello Kitty (edible?) shape head in the salad. Travelmista didn't try it.

Finally the Hello Kitty Dental Floss and Tooth Pick.

Wow, did they think of everything! Travelmista brought me home several of the air sickness bags. Now I am told they might also have Hello Kitty toilet paper and hand soap in the bathrooms but Travelmista didn't know to investigate the facilities. He did say that they played Hello Kitty videos on the flight. While I would love to try the Hello Kitty plane I not sure if I will be visiting Asia anytime soon. Unless they bring the plane over for the Star Mega Do?!! Hint Hint!