Welcome! My number one goal in life is to live an extraordinary life. This can mean many things to everyone but to me it means to travel the world. I have a bucket list a mile long but I am always in search on the best travel deal to get me there for the least amount of money. In this blog I will show you how to travel the world in the most inexpensive way possible by using points. Yes, points- Any kind of point has some kind of value but most people have no idea how to maximum there points. I will show you how to do it. I have lots of things to accomplish but together we can travel anywhere for mostly for Free!

Let's get started… First a little about me Miss Travelista and my husband Mr Travelmista. I am a 30ish stay at home wife but don't think I am cleaning the house or cooking in the kitchen. I am a busy gal and have no time time for silly stuff like being a domesticated spouse. I am just trying to keep up with my husband as he travels for business all over the world. Sometimes I will go with him or I will stay at home. It depends on the cost of travel, the destination or the length of time. But I am always up to jump on a plane and travel to a far off destination. My husband has a real job, where he travels the world. He will also be helping me write blog posts as trip reports and how to travel like a travel pro. Join us as we take you around the world and show you the best travel deals for (almost) free.