Wawona Hotel in Yosemite National Park

Wawona Hotel in Yosemite National Park

The Wawona hotel was extremely charming and we stayed here three days in June 2012. I loved to sit on the porch and thinking about all the other travelers that came to this hotel in the past. We were in the main building on the second floor in room 227 circled on the map below. The room was cozy which is just another word for small. 🙂 

They recently put new carpet in the room but it did not do anything for the historic charm of the space. There were two separate rooms for the bathroom facilities. One was the sink and toilets and the other was for the showers in the rear of the main building (marked with "X" on the map). There were other rooms that had bathrooms in the rooms but they were more expensive. The hotel had a great family feel. In the lobby at night, there was a piano player and everyone gathered for drinks and play board games, so charming. The outdoor pool was called the Wawona Tank. It remind me of a motel pool but in a good way with lounge chairs. In the morning they had a free breakfast. It was not a major spread but it was adequate. They even had to go boxes to take breakfast with you on your morning hike. The downsides were the free wifi and lunch and dinner. They had located the wifi signal in the Sun Room which was on the far side of the property. It was a walk down there just to be able to connect. They provided very few chairs in this room to sit down and the outlets were few and far between. One night they even had the room locked.  It would be so easy to get repeaters around the entire property so you didn't have to leave your room to get wifi.  The other downside was the restaurant while the room is again charming and the food decent the cost was really outrageous. There was no where less to go if you did not plan ahead and bring food with you. They have a little monopoly going on with rooms, food and gas in Yosemite. Even the local  market  had incredible high prices on food. Just be aware of the costs and plan accordingly. Next time we visit Yosemite we will stay in the Valley and be closer to the action. But maybe we will stay one day at the the Wawona to visit Mariposa Grove early in the morning. 🙂

Map of Wawona Hotel

The Wawona Tank (aka swimming pool)

Having an evening drink outside our room on the great big porch.

The front steps of the Wawona.

Our room 227 at the Wawona.


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