Shopping Tours Shanghai

I was traveling with my husband for two weeks in Japan, Shanghai, Thailand and Singapore. He was working while in Shanghai and I needed something to do. So I booked the Shopping Tours Shanghai at the last minute based on great Trip Advisor reviews. It turned out to be one of the best days of my trip. I could not stop talking about it when I got home. Now don't think this is something just for the ladies, We had two guys in our group and they loved it. Our tour guide was named Suzy and she was fluent in Mandarin which help with negotiations when shopping. Suzy gave us the low down on how to negotiate which was extremely valuable when visiting a foreign country such as China.

First Suzy took us to the fabric market. I got a coat custom made for me in less than 24 hours. I got to select the fabric (hot pink) and the design and the coat was delivered to my hotel by 10 am the next morning before our flight was leaving to Thailand. My husband was so surprised that it was done in time. I also got an evening dress that fit perfectly except for the length. Suzy advised me to get the alteration back in the States. I was telling Suzy that I really wished that my husband could have come on the trip to get shirts made. She advised me that there were to get polo shirts that were already complete and less than $5.

Next we went to pick up another couple that arrived late from Paris. It was not only the best shopping but I also met some great people from Australia and New Zealand on the tour. We were just like old friends and and learned some local sayings like "rattle your dags". (Translation- get a move on) We laughed the entire trip. Next Suzy took us to a store called Spin with great pottery. It was beautiful but the shipping costs were a little expensive. I ended up just taking the packages with me. Then next stop was a small little shop that sold paper crafts such as jewelry boxes, photo albums and notebooks. Great for Christmas presents.

Next was lunch, I am a very intrepid eater. So I went in thinking I was only going to have rice but Suzy made me try some and I really liked the spicy green beans which are by the way Suzy's favorite. I loved them too.

After lunch was the Silk factory. Where they showed us how to they get silk from silk worms. I got two pillows here. Next was the flower market. I loved walking through flower shops and seeing the beautiful flowers. I ended up leaving with a huge bouquet of 25 roses for $4.  I was so proud of myself for negotiating the price. There were great shops but here but I was worried about having to carry it all during the remaining part of our trip. But that all went out the window at the last stop. It was the Pearl Market but I was focused on purses. Suzy introduced me to great shop owner that helped me get the designer purses that I wanted to buy. I purchased 5 purses and ended up needing to buy two new large suitcases at the shop too to get all my purchases home.

In the end, I stayed and continued shopping and took a taxi back to my hotel. Suzy was great and I can't wait to come back to Shanghai. Suzy is a perfect mix of a best friend and ambassador of Shanghai. I would recommend using Shopping Tours Shanghai.

Visited November 2011
Great Lunch
Silk Factory
Silk Factory
Flower market
Flower Market
My big $4 purchase at the flower market!
My new custom made coat made in less than 24 hours!

My new dress that need a hem.