Year in Review- Status updates

I get jet lagged just thinking about all the travel we did in 2012. But here is a recap on our End of 2012 Status updates.

Travelmista traveled 221 days, 47 different airports and 21 countries in 2012. I traveled 68 days, 15 different airports and 9 countries.

Airline Status

United Mileage Plus-

Travelmista had no issues obtaining United 1K status. In the end he traveled 134,000 (butt in seat) miles on United for the year. So he actually ended the year with 6 GPU and 6 RPU. I traveled on award flights that don’t earn miles, but I was able to hit Gold Status. Thanks to my luck on Star Mega Do!

British Airways Avios

We didn’t fly BA (so no status) but we got over 125K by miles signing up for BA Chase Credit Card. We plan to use the Avios to fly American (a BA partner) domestically in 2013.


Delta Skymiles

Travelmista lost his Gold Status on Delta Skymiles due to focusing on United. But his was able to barely hold on to Silver Status. As Delta miles are famously called Skypesos this was not too upsetting. It was even a little surprising that he held on the Silver status.


Travelmista occasionally travels on Frontier sometimes these miles seem like strays miles that will never get used. But this summer Frontier pulled many flights out of the Wisconsin market. They offered Wisconsin residents the ability to transfer Froniter Early Return miles to Delta Skymiles. No major status on Frontier for 2012 and even less Travel in 2013.


Club Carlson

We both participated in the Club Carlson Big Night Promo. Travelmista stayed at three hotels even the elusive Park Inn while in Munich and I was able to stay at two in our hometown. I helped other family members due the same. While I love the Promo we didn’t get any status, but we did get a total of seven nights all together.


The Star Mega Do introduced us to Diamond status with Hyatt. While it is only temporary (until Feb) Travelmista was able to take advantage of the benefits while traveling in Tokyo and New Delhi. He even used an upgrade for a suite in New Delhi. This has become one of our favorite hotel chains because of the benefits of Diamond status. Travelmista will have to work on requalifying (staying 25 nights or 50 nights) in 2013 because we really like Hyatt especially the clubs with free breakfast.


Travelmista qualified for Silver status at Hilton. He stayed with Hilton 11 times for 24 nights and still only qualified for Silver. It is very disappointing that the next level Gold is 20 stays or 40 nights for 2013. We need to reevaluate staying with Hilton.


Travelmista also qualified for Silver status with Marriott Rewards. He stayed with them 16 nights in 2013. Again it is very disappointing that the next level Gold is 50 nights which is not really feasible.

Priority Club Rewards

Travelmista qualified for Platinum elite status by staying over 50 nights with IHG properties including Holiday Inn. While this hotel chain is not our preferred chain it is the go to one while traveling. Travelmista easily requalifies.


Even though this is one of the preferred hotels by many travelers we find it hard to stay at SPG properties as they are located where we are going. Travelmista only stayed at one SPG property in China which qualifies him for nada!

To Recap 2012 Staus

United- 1K and Gold

Delta- Silver

Hyatt- Diamond

Hilton- Silver

Marriott- Silver

Priority Club- Platinum

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