Mykonos- Mediterranean Cruise

This is a continuation of trip reports from our Mediterranean Cruise. The other trip reports listed at the bottom. Mykonos Mediterranean Cruise

Mykonos Mediterranean Cruise- After three busy days, We were ready for relaxing beach day.  Mykonos has lots of charm in the cobblestone back streets coated in white and blue paint of Old Town. To get to Mykonos we boarded a tender boat. We had the rest of the day to spend lounging on the beach. We were on one of the first boats to reach the island and wandered the streets of Old Town prior to all the shops being open. We located the famous windmills and took lots of photos.

Next we wanted to explore the island, and the only way to do this was to rent an ATV. We found several locations renting ATV and just walked in filled out the paperwork and paid the 20 Euros for a half day rental. We made sure to bring our towels from the boat and wore our swimsuits. But I guess I should have read the fine print because lots of the beaches in Mykonos are nude beaches. We had a great time laughing at our American ways.

We followed the Rick Steves guide book to the “best beach in Mykonos” Aglos Ioannis. We finally found it but it was an adventure to get there. The beach only had about 5 couples lounging on the sand and the rocks around the beach but we soon noticed that some of these people were sun bathing nude. We checked out the water and sun bathed with swimsuits on. But we really wanted to explore the other beaches. We want to see Paradise but then we thought we should go to Super Paradise. We settled on Super Paradise. There was a very large hill going down to the beach we hoped that we would make it back up with our ATV. We parked and enter to a “night club” that was similar to a Senior Frogs in Cancun. The beach had smaller round stones for sand. The water was blue and warm. The beach was surrounded by larger hotels and houses not as private at the first beach. There were also some nude sun bathers but not as many. There were more people at this beach.

Aglos Ionnis Beach

Super Paradise

Super Paradise- Mykonos Mediterranean Cruise

After we finished lounging we headed back to Old Town and returned our ATV. We finished the day wandering around Old Town shopping and finding the hidden beautiful churches. As the sun was starting to set we wanted to check out the local drink of Ouzo. It is a licorice favored liqueur drink. We sat in the music cafe and people watched as the sunset on picturisic Old Town of Mykonos. After sunset we headed back to the NCL Sun via tender boat. Mykonos is a great relaxing stop on a busy vacation.

Drinking Ouzo

Stay tuned for more trip reports- Mediterranean Cruise

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