Flat Stanley Travels to China

Recently, Travelmista was ask to help a second grade class by traveling with Flat Stanley. Flat Stanley is a book series to help kids read and learn about the world. More info at http://www.flatstanley.com/ The class started by reading the books and then created and colored there own Flat Stanley. Travelmista's godchild Miss C. ask if he could travel will him. He took the challenge and is currently live photo streaming Flat Stanley adventure to China. You can follow Stanley's adventure by clicking this link. The photos are being continuously updated throughout the week April 20-27, 2013 so check back often to join Flat Stanley on his adventure and learn about China!

So far on Flat Stanley's adventure he has flown from Madison MSN to Chicago ORD. In ORD he went to the United lounge to get a drink and cheese and crackers but almost missed his flight because he was chatting with some talkative old friends! After a couple of heart pounding moments, Flat Stanley made it to the gate just in time! He was the last one to board! It was a rough morning because Flat Stanley's leg got bent during the run. The good news is that Flat Stanley was upgraded to Business First at the last moment! Stanley made sure to enjoy the lay flat seat on board his flight to Beijing (PEK) China. Flat Stanley also enjoyed all the food aboard. Once he arrived at China he realized that he did not get his Chinese Visa before he left. He was worried that they would not let him into the country but at the last minute he hide in Travelmista's passport and was allowed into China. Stanley was picked up at the airport and rode into Beijing. The traffic in Beijing is terrible! It took 2 1/2 hours to get to his hotel and it was a Saturday. Next time Stanley will take public transportation into the city. That would only take an hour.  Stanley was amazed at all the pollution in Beijing. He also learned that Beijing is one of the most polluted cities in the world. Stanley also found out that most social media is blocked by the China Government. Flat Stanley could not log into his Facebook or Twitter accounts when he is in China but he is still able to post pictures to his photo stream so we can follow his adventure. Check back later in the week as we travel with Stanley from Beijing to Qingdao to Shanghai!

Flat Stanley getting a ride in Travelmista coat at the start of his trip to China

Tracking Flat Stanley's Flight to China

Flat Stanley in passport.

Map of China- Showing where Flat Stanley plans to visit. Beijing, Qingdao and Shanghai China.


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