Celebrity Plane Spotting

Have you ever met someone famous or well connected on a flight? Well it happened this week to Travelmista in first class on a Sunday night flight to DCA he met the very chatty executive VP of Communications for a major hotel chain. While she was not giving up any trade secrets other than they now have a tank parked outside of one hotel in Egypt. She did offer to hook Travelmista up for our upcoming London stay. But atlas we are staying at a Radisson and not her chain.

This got me thinking of other famous people Travelmista has met recently. In January on his DEN to SAN flight, Travelmista rode next to an X Game Snowboarders who knows Shawn White and had big named sponsors. This seems to only  happen when Travelmista gets bumped up to first class.

But I must stay our biggest run in with fame didn't happen in first class but in the TSA line at LAX. We were coming back from a wedding in Palm Springs and taking the red eye back to the ORD. We were told to use the crew line for screening and I opted out of the famous nude-o-scope. While I was given my TSA massage, the female TSA officer whispers in my ear "Look that guy is famous!" I said "Who? What guy?" while looking around. She points to the guy in the security line.  The first time I will meet someone famous and I have no idea who he is! She continues to whisper the movies he has been in but she can't remember his name.  She said "Spider-man and 127 Hours" I still have no clue who this guy is as I never watched these movies.  Travelmista leans over to tell me "I think it is James Franco". Sure enough it was James Franco in skinny jeans and a hat. Was this the same guy who just bombed hosting the Oscars a few weeks before? Ok maybe the use of TSA and bomb was not a good choice of words at that point.   (It was 2011) At that very moment James Franco leans over to put his shoes back on with his back turned towards us. Then as I was starring at his backside, Wham! A full plumber butt from James Franco while he was putting his shoes on. As I am still spread eagle from my TSA massage, I turn to Travelmista and say "get a picture"  he hesitates as he doesn't want to take a picture of another guys ass. I repeat "Please take a picture" and I get a hard "No" back from Travelmista. So that is it, my short brush with fame! James Franco walks away and I have no picture of his exposed plumber butt to sell to TMZ. But what a story! Have you ever met someone famous while at the airport or in first class? What is your brush with fame?


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